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Perfection is always under construction

In recent years, A+ Roofing has managed the sales across 10 townhouse projects comprising over 1,500 townhouses.

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New Shingled Roof

A+ Roofing Canada Roofing provides all the necessary requirements for your shingle replacement. A+ Roofing Canada will repair with industry leading shingles and materials. Our repairs will ensure water tightness and aesthetic appearance.

Commercial & Residential Flat Roof

A+ Roofing Canada works on projects of all sizes from a small canopy roofs to large commercial properties. We have vast experience in this area working with many different organizations including large government projects, school roofs and commercial projects.

Roof Repairs & Inspections

A+ Roofing Canada specializes in your roof repair needs. Our services include, but not limited to flashing repair, valley’s, caulking, wind damage and shingle repair. Our services use the latest in building technology and materials.

Soffit, Siding, Fasica & Eavestrough

A+ Roofing Canada offers Soffit, Siding, & Fascia Installation in Toronto. We have years of experience working with homes of all sizes across Toronto. We understand how each individual component to the eavestrough works, as well as how the system functions as a whole.

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78 Glovers Road

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Taunton Gate

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Why Choose Us


A+ Roofing offers a wide range of services, including roof repairs, new roofs, roof renovations, residential roofs, etc. to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


We believe top-notch safety should be the standard, not the exception. Therefore, we have strict safety procedures put in place.  A Plus Roofing employees hold provincial high-altitude training certificates, and the information of these workers is safely stored in the provincial labor department database.


A+ Roofing is based on the quality of the project, safety first, not to cut corners, to complete each roof project. All price concessions are reasonable with excellent workmanship, high quality material, 10 years of quality assurance and free home evaluation.


A+ Roofing is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are available any time to answer your call and always ready to provide immediate professional services for emergency circumstances.