New Shingled Roof

A+ Roofing Canada Roofing provides all the necessary requirements for your shingle replacement. A+ Roofing Canada will repair with industry leading shingles and materials. Our repairs will ensure water tightness and aesthetic appearance.

Commercial & Residential Flat Roof

A+ Roofing Canada works on projects of all sizes from a small canopy roofs to large commercial properties. We have vast experience in this area working with many different organizations including large government projects, school roofs and commercial projects.

Roof Repairs & Inspections

A+ Roofing Canada specializes in your roof repair needs. Our services include, but not limited to flashing repair, valley’s, caulking, wind damage and shingle repair. Our services use the latest in building technology and materials.

Soffit, Siding, Fasica & Eavestrough

A+ Roofing Canada offers Soffit, Siding, & Fascia Installation in Toronto. We have years of experience working with homes of all sizes across Toronto. We understand how each individual component to the eavestrough works, as well as how the system functions as a whole.

Aluminum Work

Water damage is arguably THE most common form of home damage in the GTA. Most home owners only passively think about gutters, and only react once a problem has happened. This small component of your home is responsible for directing water away from your attic, walls, and basement.


Whatever your problem, we’ve seen it and fixed it. We are fully trained VELUX window replacement professionals with years of roof window and skylight repair and installation experience in GTA.

Attic Insulation

A+ Roofing Canada is a one-stop-shop services that attends to your arrange registered auditing, insulation and rebate needs. Our professional and friendly contractors have the necessary skills to insulate your home without leaving any shortcomings.